3 Simple Steps:

1. Schedule an appointment with us: After our consultant has given you a quote, just let us know of your available dates and timings to confirm the arrangements.

2. Pick up & transport: On the collection day, our operation staff will load all documents or items into our GPS tracked vehicle. There will be a form for both parties to sign off as a proof for handing and taking over.

3. Certificate of destruction: Once completed, we will issue a signed e-copy which will be emailed to you. If you need a hard copy, just let our staff know and we will mail it over!

For more information, feel free to contact us

We currently hold
1. NEA Waste Collector’s License
2. NEA Waste Facility License
3. i-SIGMA (International Secure Information Governance & Management Association)
4. bizSAFE3
5. SME500 2022

Yes, our license details are:
NEA General Waste Collector License: A-21-097L-000
NEA General Waste Disposal Facility License: WDL-21-11-0003

Yes, the certificate will be issued to you via email after service is fully completed.

Arkiva ensures that service quality is top notch from the first correspondence right up to the final delivery and at the same time not jeopardising security protocols. We take a strict stance on protecting our customers’ data and we will always ensure that is our number 1 priority.

From the moment your data is being handed over to Arkiva’s staff, it will be strictly monitored up till the point when they are completed destroyed. There will always be an appointed staff to witness the whole process so that you do not have to waste your precious time. All our staff are highly trained and knowledgeable in data security.

100% of the shredded remnants will be packed in bale form and exported to recycling to begin the recycling process. This is part of our initiative to become a more eco-friendly shredding company.

Yes, we do offer destruction bags to pack your documents. The bags will then be sealed with serial numbered zip ties for additional security.

No, small items like staples, binders, clips do not have to be removed.

It is recommended to remove them if you intend to re-use.
We do help with removal and disposal at very affordable fees. This is to achieve 100% recycling rates after the documents are destroyed.

By securely handling and destroying your confidential documents, you can be sure that your confidential information is safe from data breach.
Arkiva also engages a data security company to conduct regular audit and compliance checks. This ensures that we are complying and up to date with the latest data protection matters, giving our customers a peace of mind.

Depending on your quantity and requirements, hiring Arkiva’s service will be much more cost efficient, energy saving, and less time consuming. Our machine is also much more secure than regular office shredder and we are able to custom services to fit into all requirements.

If you have already packed the documents for shredding into boxes, just let us know the total number of boxes and estimated dimensions. If they are not packed yet, let us know the number of files or cabinets. It would be very helpful if you could send us a photo for estimation.

We can also arrange a viewing to further explain what we can offer at no additional costs.
Take 1 minute to fill up the form below so our consultant can reach out to you!

Safety and security is part of our promise to customers, especially as we are dealing with highly sensitive data. Our warehouse has a state of the art security system, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, break sensors on all doors, and a dedicated team of our very own warehouse operatives.

Yes, please book an appointment here.
We do not accept walk-in for security purposes.

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service now. We only offer shredding services.

You can store anything and everything with us, except for the following:

* Illegal substances

* Perishables

* Liquid

* Hazardous / flammable materials

We are glad to have you on board to try our service! Please fill up the information on our contact page and our consultant will get back to you as soon as possible. (We are quite an efficient bunch!)

Thank you for your support!

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