E-Waste Recycling

NEA & BizSAFE3 Certified E-Waste Recycling Vendor in Singapore

✔ Secure Procedure
✔ PDPA Compliant Process
✔ Environmentally Friendly by NEA Singapore’s Guidelines

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Hundreds and even thousands of electronics devices are being disposed of when they become obsolete. If not disposed of in the correct manner, the materials in these e-wastes may cause pollution that can be harmful to the environment. Did you know that you can receive cash reimbursement for some of your IT equipments without jeopardising your data security?

Benefits of Recycling your IT Equipments with ARKIVA

✔ Protect Your Confidential Data
Physical destruction of your hard disks will ensure that your confidential data is no longer retrievable. This gives you a peace on mind to focus on what matter most – your business.

✔ Contribute to the Environment
Our E-Waste Recycling facility is license by NEA. We follow the guidelines closely to help play a part in building an eco-friendly society.

✔ Cashback benefits
Arkiva do provide financial value to certain IT equipment. Just send us information of each equipment and our specialist will get back to you with the valuation.

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