Self Drop Off Shredding Service

Self Drop-Off Shredding service – a hassle-free, efficient solution for securely disposing of your sensitive documents. We understand the need for a convenient and accessible shredding option that aligns with your busy schedule. Our Self Drop Off Shredding service empowers you to maintain control over your document destruction process. Simply bring your confidential materials to any of our accessible drop-off locations, secured with CCTVs, and your documents will be securely shredded by our specialists. A certificate of destruction will then be issued to you.


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Self drop off shredding

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Self drop off shredding

How It Works

  • Gather Your Documents:
    Collect all the documents or data bearing devices you wish to securely dispose of and bring them to our self drop-off shredding location. Our facility is fully equipped with CCTVs to ensure security throughout the process.
    * Appointment is required.
  • Secure Drop-Off:
    Once at our location, securely drop off your documents in the designated collection area, giving you complete control over the disposal process.
  • Document Shredding:
    Rest assured that our professional team will handle the shredding process efficiently and securely, maintaining strict confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Certificate of Destruction:
    Upon completion of the shredding process, receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records, providing you with proper documentation for the destruction.
  • Environmentally Responsible Disposal:
    Our commitment to sustainability ensures that all shredded materials are responsibly recycled, contributing to a greener environment. For every ton of shredded paper recycled, we donate S$10.00 to a local charity.

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Accepted Materials

Our self drop-off shredding service accepts the following materials for secure disposal:

  • Paper Documents:
    Any paper-based documents, files, letters or records containing sensitive information.
  • Hard Drives and Electronic Media:
    Hard disks, SSDs, USB drives, CDs, or any electronic media that require secure destruction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What types of materials can I drop off for shredding?

You can securely drop off various materials including paper documents, hard drives, USB drives, CDs, envelopes, folders, and other paper-based items containing sensitive information.

Are there any limitations on the quantity of materials I can drop off?

Our self drop-off shredding service is designed to accommodate varying quantities of materials. Whether it's a small batch or a larger quantity, we're here to assist you with secure disposal.

Is there a specific preparation needed for the documents I drop off?

While there's no preparation required, we recommend removing any non-paper elements from the documents like arch files or plastic folders. Staple and paper clips are fine. For electronic media, please ensure they're free of any housing or casings.

Are drop-off locations equipped with security measures?

Yes, all our drop-off locations are secured with CCTVs and appropriate safety measures to ensure the security of the materials you drop off.

Can I witness the shredding process for my peace of mind?

Absolutely! We value transparency and offer the opportunity for you to witness the shredding process. To ensure a seamless experience, pre-booking is required. Kindly let us know in advance.

Can I obtain a Certificate of Destruction after the shredding process?

Absolutely! Upon completing the shredding process, you can request a Certificate of Destruction as proof of secure document disposal.

If I have a large volume of documents, can I request a pickup service?

Certainly! If you have a considerable volume of documents for shredding, we offer convenient pickup services to ensure a seamless and secure disposal process. Reach out to us to schedule a pickup at your location.

For any further inquiries or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer specialists.

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