Media Destruction Service

NEA & BizSAFE3 Certified Hard Drive Destruction Vendor in Singapore

✔ Secure Procedure
✔ PDPA Compliant Process
✔ Environmentally Friendly by NEA Singapore’s Guidelines
✔ i-SIGMA Certified

Physical media destruction is the best way to ensure data is 100% destroyed.

Arkiva helps you:
✔ Protect against data breach
✔ Stay compliant with PDPA Singapore.
✔ Destroy Hard Drives, CDs, Tapes & other devices

Destroy data the right way with Arkiva

Arkiva provides physical destruction for all media devices, hard drives, mobile phones, USBs, tapes to ensure that your confidential data is no longer retrievable.

Destroy your Hard Drive Now!

How we destroy media devices

Secure destruction with industrial grade shredder.

Physical destruction of your media devices or hard drives is the most secure method because the destruction process completely crushes and destroys the hard drive. This will render the data unrecoverable and permanently destroyed.

Why choose us for Media Destruction?

1. Secure chain of custody
2. GPS tracked vehicles
3. Professional trained staff
4. Licensed waste collector
5. Certificate of destruction
6. 100% secure
7. Shredded materials recycled

Destroy & Recycle E-Wastes with Arkiva Now!

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