Best Data Destruction Methods in Singapore


Aug. 2022

Best Data Destruction Methods in Singapore

With digitalisation becoming a large part of our lives, most of our confidential data are now stored in media storage devices. However, when it is time to dispose these devices, are we using the right methods to get rid of them? In this article, we will look at some of the best data destruction methods that are offered and most commonly used in Singapore.

Failure to properly dispose of these IT equipment can have serious consequences for your data, the environment, and your company or own reputation.

For example, in 2017, Coca-Cola suffered a data breach after a former employee stole an external hard drive which contained the personal data of more than 8000 employees. Penalty fees for cases like this could go up to 1 million dollars.

Cases like these proves the vulnerability of confidential data when our IT equipment like hard drives, thumb drives, computers are not securely destroyed after use.

Point to note: Deleting files do not solve the issue!

There are 3 main options to consider for data destruction in Singapore – Overwriting, degaussing, and physical destruction.



This data removal method involves writing new data on top of the old one. The process of overwriting involves the pattern of 1’s and 0’s written over the original data. Overwriting once is sufficient for most cases but for high security applications, multiple wipes might be required to provide extra level of assurance.

On the other hand, overwriting takes a very long time especially for high-capacity drives. It might also not be able to overwrite data from inaccessible regions such as host protected areas. This method is usually not recommended for large quantities.



The method of degaussing uses a high-powered magnet to remove and reduce the magnetic field of a media storage device. When applied, degaussing can effectively scramble the hard drive platter until it is no longer usable or readable. Data is stored using magnetic principles and degaussing alters the magnetic field of the device.

The 2 major disadvantages of degaussing are:

  1. Degausser are not readily available off the shelves and cannot be used without the necessary expertise or supervision.
  2. Degaussing does not eradicate data from non-magnetic devices like SSDs and CDs.


Physical Destruction

Organizations that are looking to destroy highly confidential information usually choose physical destruction of data. This method is carried out using an industrial shredder machine which crushes the device into small particles.

If you no longer need to use the media device, the safest and most effective way would be physical destruction. There are currently data destruction companies in Singapore offering physical destruction at very affordable prices. A certificate of destruction will be issued for compliance, and it can be done within a day using an industrial shredder.

This can also be an eco-friendly method as the ferrous and non-ferrous metals are extracted from the shredded particles to be recycled.

data destruction



Destroy Your Confidential Data With Destruction Services From Arkiva Singapore

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