Document Disposal Console


Oct. 2019

Document Disposal Console

Why every company should have secure document disposal console (why shred?)

In June 2016, a passerby discovered an opened box containing confidential documents of a renowned financial service provider in a container. The documents included names, addresses, dates of birth and annual income information – easily accessible to the public. This negative example stands as an example of the improper destruction of data since ultimately only the data that is de facto defaced are considered deleted. In order for the valuable information to not fall into the wrong hands, it is recommended to integrate information security management systems according to ISO 27001.


How to protect privacy by shredding

Too many people or businesses are victims of fraudsters. Most of the time, the information stored in some documents can cause you serious trouble if it ends up in the wrong hands. This can greatly damage the reputation of your company, your suppliers or even your employees. Fraud and identity theft are becoming increasingly popular and are very difficult to detect, hence the importance of good management of the destruction of your obsolete and cumbersome documents. Whether for a small or a large quantity, shredding goes directly to your premises to destroy your old and confidential documents.

Here are some examples of personal information that must be destroyed:


  • Invoices
  • NRIC information
  • Employee data
  • Medical file
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Income tax returns
  • Supplier information
  • HR document
  • Accounting
  • Credit Report


When in doubt, just shred the document.


Why outsource?

It is not advisable to proceed with the destruction and disposal of sensitive data on your own, because the documents must be treated with extreme caution. We issue a certificate of destruction after every service that you can keep for audit purposes.


With this document you can always feel comfortable, protecting your data and those of your customers. The entire process is governed by safety regulations so that nothing falls into the wrong hands.



Cost Factors for Owning a Shredding Machine

There are some cost factors when it comes to having your own shredding machine especially when you are an organization. The reason is that they want to limit their risks in revealing confidential information and also use staff time effectively. Here are some key factors in owning a shredding machine:



Shredding machine costs: It can range from $200 to $11,000 for large businesses and $450 and $5000 for medium and small size businesses.


Machine Maintenance: Labor and specific material are required to maintain the shredding machine, not to mention the one-time charge of $150 just to find out what is wrong with your machine.


Time spent at the machine: The time spent by an employee on the shredding machine is about 10 minutes a day. If you have 20 employees that amounts to more than 3 hours of man hours wasted!




Final Thoughts:


The disposal console does not only give your company a lot of conveniences but also save your time. Above all, it increases the security of your sensitive documents without leaving your office. For more information, feel free to check with our consultants by email – info@arkiva.com.sg

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