From Shredding to Recycling: Lifecycle of Shredded Documents


Jan. 2024

From Shredding to Recycling: Lifecycle of Shredded Documents


The journey of shredded documents includes a multifaceted lifecycle that goes beyond just the destruction of confidential shredding. Understanding this lifecycle sheds light on the sustainable methods that Arkiva applies in handling waste materials in Singapore.


Collection and destruction of confidential documents

Arkiva starts the process by safely collecting documents securely from businesses and individuals in Singapore. To guarantee confidentiality and irreversibility, these records are destroyed using strictly monitored shredding procedures.

Modern shredding equipment reduces the documents to uniformly sized fragments while maintaining high security levels.




Secure Conveyance:

Shredded materials are then securely transported to designated recycling facilities. Arkiva employs stringent protocols to safeguard the shredded content during transit, including GPS tracked vehicles, maintaining 100% confidentiality.


Recycling and Sorting:

Arkiva’s dedication to sustainable recycling practices is a cornerstone of our commitment to environmental responsibility. After meticulous sorting, shredded documents, predominantly paper, are exported to recycling plants based overseas where they are made into new goods like paperboard, cardboard packaging etc.


Reducing Environmental Impact:

The recycling process significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional paper production. By repurposing these shredded documents into recycled paper, Arkiva actively contributes to the conservation of forests and minimizes the demand for virgin materials.

Our sustainable recycling practices go beyond compliance; they embody our role as environmental stewards. By integrating environmentally friendly solutions into our operations, we are actively contributing to a healthier planet and setting a precedent for responsible business practices.


Client Impact:

Clients partnering with Arkiva can take pride in their contribution to sustainable practices. Knowing that their shredded documents are not only securely disposed of but also play a vital role in environmental conservation adds an extra layer of value to our document management services.

Arkiva’s clients are informed about the destination and purpose of the shredded materials, instilling trust in the recycling process.

A certificate of destruction depicting an estimated reduction in carbon emissions also helps with carbon reduction audits.


Compliance with Environmental Standards:

Arkiva adheres to stringent environmental standards throughout the lifecycle, ensuring that recycling practices align with NEA’s regulations and guidelines. The licenses we currently hold includes – NEA Waste Collectors’ & NEA Waste Facility License.
NEA General Waste Collector License: A-21-097L-000
NEA General Waste Disposal Facility License: WDL-21-11-0003

This ensures that every stage of our recycling and document management process complies with established guidelines, regulations and certifications, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.


Innovation in Recycling:

Arkiva continually explores innovative avenues for scrap material recycling.

By staying at the forefront of recycling technologies and practices, we aim to not only meet but exceed customer expectations and make a significant contribution to the circular economy.

Sustainable recycling practices at Arkiva demonstrate our commitment to protecting the environment while providing secure document management solutions.

Our customers can trust that their partnership with us not only protects sensitive information but also actively contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.


Reach out to us for your shredding needs by sending a contact form message today. Our specialists will respond within 1 working day.

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