Why Do We Need To Securely Destroy Hard Drives & Digital Media


Mar. 2022

Why Do We Need To Securely Destroy Hard Drives & Digital Media

The data on just a single hard drive can potentially cover about 10 football fields when printed out. Imagine what could happen if your hard drive full of confidential data fell into the wrong hands.

Arkiva provides secure hard drive and media destruction service to help both businesses and individuals stay protected from confidential information leak.

1. Deleted data CAN be retrieved easily.
Those data that you manually delete from your computer can easily be retrieved back by certain programs. This means that the information that you deleted years ago from your thumb drives and computer can still be retrieved from hackers if it falls into the wrong hands.

2. Even if the media devices are stored in a locked area, there is still a chance that it could be accessed.
Think your confidential data is secure just by locking them up? In an office with so many employees, there is simply no way to monitor every single person, not forgetting third party vendors. An outgoing employee might decide to retrieve confidential company information before joining your competitors. All these can be detrimental to businesses.

3. Compliance with PDPA Singapore
PDPA Singapore was implemented to enforce that confidential personal data should NOT be exposed to public. This means that companies that hold confidential client information should periodically ensure that their paper documents or data in their hard drives and computers are destroyed.

As long as the hard drives exist and are stored, there is a risk that they can be accessed. Professional hard drive and media destruction is the only way to ensure that data has been destroyed 100%.

Physical hard drive destruction ensures that the data will no longer be retrievable.

With a Certificate of Destruction, you can be assured that this audit trail will prove the data has indeed been destroyed.

Why Choose Arkiva?

Arkiva specialise in data destruction of all type of media devices. Whether it is the destruction of hard drives, media tapes, CDs, mobile phones or thumb drives, we can help you make sure that the data is securely destroyed.

High Security
Our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking, our facility has 24/7 CCTV monitoring and not forgetting every single one of our specialists are well trained.
Fully Compliant & Certified
Arkiva is a NEA, i-SIGMA and bizSAFE3 certified hard disk destruction service provider in Singapore.
Save Time
By outsourcing your media destruction to us, you can focus on the important work.
Custom Services
All services are tailored made to suit your requirements. Contact our specialists to discuss how we can work to best fit you.
Responsive Service
All clients have 100% guaranteed access to our team from Monday – Friday, 9am-6pm.

Contact our specialists to find out more information about media destruction now!

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