Best Shredder in Singapore 2020


May. 2020

Best Shredder in Singapore 2020

Shred Confidential Documents THE RIGHT WAY.

Whether it is for home or office use, a shredder can help you securely dispose of your most sensitive information, be it on paper, CD, or cards.

A good shredder is critical as it cuts down on time wastage as well as repair costs. We have compiled a list of the best shredders in Singapore for 2020:


Factors to consider when purchasing a shredder.

PDPA Singapore has strict regulations especially when dealing with sensitive customers’ information or even your personal information. You also wouldn’t want your accounting information to leak out to others right?

Some factors to consider when purchasing a shredder would be:

Cross cut shredding

Normal strip cut shredding can easily be pieced back and may result in identity theft. Cross cut shredding ensures that the documents are destroyed beyond recognition and recovery is close to impossible.

P-3 Security and above

Security levels are classified from P-1 to P-7 with P-7 being the finest. A minimum of P-3 shredding is usually recommended. Recyclingdotcom has a very informative article and even has actual particle sizing chart.


A good shredder is critical as it cuts down on time wastage as well as repair costs. We have compiled a list of the best shredders in Singapore for 2020:


For the higher budget:


  1. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci


Estimated cost: S$505.00 at Amazon Singapore

The Fellowes Powershred 79Ci comes highly recommended with its promise of 100% jam proof system. It can also shred tougher objects like CDs/credits cards, not forgetting staples and paper clips.

Their SafeSense technology even cuts off the shredder when our hands touch the paper opening. This powerhouse shreds up to 16 sheets of paper at one go at the P-4 security cross-cut particles.


  1. Aurora Cross Cut Shredder AS1500CD


Estimated cost: S$315.00 after GST at Stationery World Singapore 

One thing that stands out with the Aurora AU1210MA is its P-4 security micro-cut with 15 sheet capacity which proves value for money at S$315.00. With its continuous 30 minutes run time, they certainly solve the problem of overheating for users that has plenty of paper to shred at one go.


  1. GBC Auto Feed Cross Cut Shredder Auto+60X


shredder singapore

Estimated cost: S$234.00 (After GST) at Stationery World 

This very unique shredder works without you even having to be there! Simple stack up the paper and the shredder will operate by itself. Capacity can even go up to 60 sheets which helps to save plenty of time. GBC also has a service centre in Singapore so you know where to go if you encounter any issues.



Best shredder in Singapore for lower budget


  1. GBC Shredder ShredMaster X308


Estimated cost: S$65.00 at Lazada Singapore

Priced at S$65.00 excluding shipping, this shredder proves value for money with its P-3 security level and shredding capacity of 8 sheets. Most importantly it comes with Safety Mark approval. The down side is that it is unable to shred credit cards but otherwise a great choice for low quantity user.


  1. Aurora Personal Shredder AS610C Cross Cut 6 Sheets


shredder singapore

Estimated cost: S$50.00 at HomeNOffice

The Aurora AS610C is able to shred credit cards and comes with a 11 litre waste bin. The cross cut shredding is also another plus point for its price. The product is relatively lightweight too at 3.7kg and has withstood the test of time since its first release in 2007.


  1. Aurora AS1060SB


shredder singapore

Estimated price: S$99.00 on Lazada Singapore

All-time best seller shredder as claimed on Lazada Singapore, this model has pretty decent specifications with shredding capacity of 10 sheets at a time. It also has a larger waste bin than most of the lower budget shredding machines at 13 litres.

The thermal cut off that prevents the shredder from over-heating and reverse setting for clearing paper jams are also plus point when considering which are the best shredder.




Mini hand paper shredder


mini paper shredder

Estimated price: S$10.00 on Shopee

This product is definitely not for corporate use but may be useful for individuals with low quantity to be shredded. The manual shredding technique can even let you have some exercise while shredding your confidential paper!

Priced at S$10.00, it may be a useful addition to your desk to shred confidential paper rather than just dumping them straight into the waste bin.


If you are dealing with extremely large quantity of waste paper or would like to save employee time spent at shredding machine, you may want to consider companies providing shredding service. All services including packing and transportation are covered so you don’t even have to lift a finger!


We certainly hope that our compilation on the best shredder in Singapore was helpful. We would also like to emphasize that this is an informative post based on research and we are in no way related to the companies that we have linked to and do not take profits from any eventual sales.

*Disclaimer: Article is based on writer’s view only.

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