Why is Secure Disposal Service of Items with Company Logo Necessary in Singapore?


Oct. 2019

Why is Secure Disposal Service of Items with Company Logo Necessary in Singapore?

What does secure disposal service in Singapore mean?

Getting rid of items may be easy. But how can you ensure that no third party or anyone from the general public misuses it?


The items or products with branding / company logos have several characteristics, two of which stand out in the subject: usefulness and lifetime. One of the main assets a company has is its identity and brand; the same that is used in everything that represents him: from the pen in your reception to the staff t-shirts.


Many times these assets are victims of the misappropriation. Given its usefulness in the company as a means of internal and mainly external identification, their correct disposal is an issue to consider. This is a factor that could easily be overlooked, as the identity within the company is usually confirmed with the use of credentials or fingerprints, however; how could an end customer verify that such information is true?


There are already several ways to verify the identification, however; if your company does not ensure the destruction of the confidential or exclusive material of the company, it can be the victim of an impersonation just by having access to an item with company logo, shirt or credential that was wrongly discarded.



How items or products with branding / company logos should be securely disposed of?


Do you remember any movies in which, one of the characters manages to sneak inside the police station, hotel security or any other, just by wearing the shirt of that institution to commit fight or crime? Mission Impossible, Fast and Furious 5, Jason Bourne among others, is examples of a reality that is lived more frequently than we think.

So, it is necessary to have specialized tools that ensure that they cannot be rebuilt but can be recycled if the client wishes. That’s why at Arkiva we provide the services of removal of items or products with branding / company logos with proper disposal.

We provide the secure destruction of the items or products that need proper disposal. All of the above translates into prestige, safety, and care for your brand.


The secure disposal of these items creates an atmosphere of trust and prestige even within your company.



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Secure Disposal Service you can trust in Singapore:


As you can see, taking care of your company’s reputation, in and out of it, is a daily task and you should consider such sensitive aspects as the confidential destruction of items, credentials and digital or written documents. At Arkiva we specialize in providing your company with a professional, fast and secure service to destroy products or items that are branded with a company logo.

Our secure disposal services seek to reduce to small pieces those items or products with company that you want to throw away or use for recycling (the material can be used in the manufacture of other products or can be recovered and reused).

A certificate of disposal will also be issued upon completion of service.


What are you waiting for? Contact our consultants to receive specialized advice and schedule your next secure disposal with Arkiva.


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