3 Steps to Consider before Hiring a Document Shredding Company in Singapore


May. 2020

3 Steps to Consider before Hiring a Document Shredding Company in Singapore

Regular document shredding and data destruction is critical for protecting confidential business information and sensitive customer data. PDPC has certain criteria when it comes to confidential data.

Secure chain of custody should be at the top of your list when looking for a reputable shredding service company in Singapore.

It is highly recommended to engage a third-party document shredding company in Singapore to improve efficiency as well as save precious time. There are many more things a professional shredding service can offer to you other than just ensuring documents are securely destroyed. These are some factors to consider:


  • How is the collection procedure?

Many companies or individuals will ask this question: Why should I pay to shred documents? Why not sell it to the “karang guni” man?

By just dropping the documents off in the recycling bin or simply selling it away, you face the risk of data breach as there are much more additional risks during transit and much more people handling it without security measures.

The most important things in data security is to reduce the number of touch-points. Having a definitive and secure chain of custody is crucial for any document shredding company. Staff must be well trained to handle and protect customers’ data. These factors will ensure that risk of data leak is eliminated.


  • How is the destruction process?

By simple shredding documents into thin strips, it will not ensure information on them cannot be obtained. Cross cutting into small particles will ensure that no one is able to recreate your documents.

Appropriate measures have to be taken during the procedure like storing documents in sealed serial numbered boxes or bags until they are ready to be shredded.

A certificate of destruction issued after service is also vital as it serves as a document proof that the documents are destroyed. Find out more about Arkiva’s document shredding procedure.



Shredded Paper


  • Will the shredding service company come at predetermined intervals to stay on top of shredding needs?

This is very important especially for companies that generate large quantity of documents or media.

By having a company that has automated schedule for collection, you can spend your precious time developing your business rather than having to worry about shredding the documents and having to make phone calls or send emails to schedule collections.

Having secure, lockable bins or consoles will also ensure that there will be no risk of internal data leak.


If you require more information, feel free to reach out to Arkiva’s document shredding specialist to find out more.

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